How do I secure the extruder cable to the Rambo top opening?

I just finished the very satisfying experience of building my printer. Superb instructions and I love the instant user feedback. The ONLY step I cannot perform successfully (after many tries) is to secure the extruder cable to the top cutout in the Rambo (next to the USB connector).

I removed about 2 inches from the spiral jacket in hopes of forcing its end into the Rambo hole, and successfully pushed the nylon filament stiffener into its hole inside the Rambo enclosure. (It would be MUCH easier if the stiffener were orange as in the manual--mine is black as is everything around it, making it difficult to see/navigate the filament into its hole.)

I pushed as hard as I could on the rubber spiral jacket, trying to get it into the hole. There is only a tiny amount of travel for this, so the end of the jacket must be just the right length and square. I think the Rambo hole is just a little too small to push it all the way in (the instructions say to push HARD). I applied and tightened the cable tie, but noted that the surface of the jacket it actually grips is only about 2-3mm and it protrudes into the Rambo opening even less.

Sure enough, after 10 minutes of operation the extruder cable wiggled loose and now flops around the Rambo opening with no strain relief. It doesn't move much as the extruder moves around, but I would really like to give this cable perfect relief at the Rambo end.

Any suggestions?

BTW building this printer was an amazing experience. Got everything in alignment first time, and marveled at its design and interactive instruction manual.

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