Simple guide to install FW update on a printer with RAMBo mini.

Image 1/2: [|Download and run Windows Installer.] Image 2/2: Test if Arduino runs properly.

GNU/Linux Users, see the following to get it working with your platform:


-Download Arduino version 1.0.6 from here:

-Extract the "arduino-1.0.6" folder to ~/Desktop/arduino-1.0.6

-Download the Arduino IDE addon for RAMBo from here:

-Extract the folder to ~/Desktop/arduino-1.06/hardware/avr

-Start the Arduino IDE by navigating to ~/Desktop/arduino-1.0.6 in the Terminal, then execute the startup script via "./arduino"

-Make sure "RAMBo" is selected under Tools>Board>RAMBo

-Verify your connection is good by looking for output from Tools>Serial Monitor. If no text, ensure the correct serial port is selected. If garbled text, change your Baud Rate. 11520 baud works for me.

PappaD - Reply

Part 2:

-Download your new firmware for your board from: For me this would be:

-Extract to ~/Desktop/FW_RAMBO_MINI_1_3_175_v2_2

-In Arduino IDE, select File>Open. Navigate to ~/Desktop/FW_RAMBO_MINI_1_3_175_v2_2/Marlin1-0-3_RamboMini1-3_EN and then select Marlin1-0-3_RamboMini1-3_EN.ino and press 'Open.'

-A new Arduino IDE should appear with multiple tabs with text in them.

-Select "Upload" and wait for "Done uploading "

PappaD -

There are changes to part 2:

The zip file containing the firmware doesn't include sources from version 2.2.1. The sources (for both addon and firmware) are now located in github, repository Prusa-i3-plus:

So in the update part 2, you should do instead:

- Make a clone of the git repo, or download as zip file (there is a button in github to do this)

- Install the addon for Arduino from the source as mentioned in part 1, if needed.

- Follow the steps mentioned in the readme for the firmware ( Basically, follow steps 2 and 4-7, as step 3 was covered earlier and step 1 was covered in part 1.

Lamps -

It says test to see if Arduino is running properly. How do you do that?

Peter - Reply

Image 1/3: Unpack the zip. Image 2/3: Copy the '''"rambo"''' folder located inside '''..\ArduinoAddons\Arduino_1.x.x\''' into '''C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\''' Image 3/3: Restart Arduino IDE and check if "RAMBo" is available under Tools -> Board
  • Go to and download FW for your motherboard.

  • Unpack the zip.

  • Copy the "rambo" folder located inside ..\ArduinoAddons\Arduino_1.x.x\ into C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\

  • Restart Arduino IDE and check if "RAMBo" is available under Tools -> Board

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Image 1/3: Open the folder '''Marlin_Rambo_miniLCD_retract_EN'''. Image 2/3: Open file '''Marlin_Rambo_miniLCD_retract_EN''' (It has arduino icon) Image 3/3: Open file '''Marlin_Rambo_miniLCD_retract_EN''' (It has arduino icon)
  • Connect the printer to the computer and note the COM port. You can use HW manager to find out.

  • Open the folder Marlin_Rambo_miniLCD_retract_EN.

  • Open file Marlin_Rambo_miniLCD_retract_EN (It has arduino icon)

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Image 1/2: Recheck if '''RAMBo''' is selected under '''Tools > Board'''. Image 2/2: Click '''Upload'''.
  • Under Tools -> Port choose your printer COM port.

  • Recheck if RAMBo is selected under Tools > Board.

  • Click Upload.

  • Wait for Done uploading and you are done.

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source-build (github ~20160210) under win10, arduino 1.6.0

~Step 1: Install arduino 1.6.0

~Step 2: install prusa windows drivers ( - but instead of grabbing firmware there...

grab sources from

copy Prusa-i3-Plus-master/ArduinoAddons/Arduino_1.6.x/hardware/marlin folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware

start arduino, select tools->boards->RAMBo

~Step 3: check win10 device manager includes a Ports->Rambo


rename C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\LiquidCrystal\src to src-tmp

edit C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\marlin\avr\platform.txt as:




compiler.path=C:/Program Files (x86)/Arduino/hardware/tools/avr/bin/

Copy appropriate file for your Prusa from Prusa-i3-Plus-master/Firmware/variants/

(ex.: 175-RAMBo1-3a-en.h) to Prusa-i3-Plus/master/Firmware/Configuration_prusa.h

[... continued below due to board message length constraints...]

Philip Hopely - Reply

~Step 4: In arduino, open the Prusa-i3-Plus-master/Firmware/Firmware.ino

As per original step 4, ensure your Port & tools->board settings are selected correctly.

Sketch->Verify / Compile.

Firmware should build (green progress bar in lower left main window, compilation stats on success)


after upload, the prusa display looks crazy. Wait a little while & cold reboot.

Working ok for me thus far - good luck!

Philip Hopely -

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