Possible to upgrade bed only?


Is it possible to first upgrade only the bed to mk52 and later on the electronics cover and extruder ?

The printers are actually running 24/24 and I'd like to do the bed upgrade as it'll help a lot with production of parts but the extruder is not really necessary for now. I plan do do the extruder update later when I got my additional printers.

Is it possible or is there some conflicts ? (like with the current probe,... or with firmware,...) ?

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Hi 3DVS,

the new 12V heatbed for MK2.5 has a different set of calibration points, therefore XYZ calibration won't work with different firmware. You calibrate the printer on MK42 heatbed, swap it to MK52 12V and only change the live adjust z, but I won't recommend this on a production printer.

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Thanks @jakoob ! That was the kind of answer I was looking for

I'll wait till my curent jobs list is empty then I'll take time to properly update to 2.5!


What if I installed the MK2.5 heatbed on my MK2S MMU and updated the firmware to MK2.5? Someone on the Prusa Owners facebook group looked at the source code for the firmware and said that it still has all the references to the MMU multiplexers. If I upgrade the firmware without doing the rest of the physical upgrades, what else might go wrong?


Hi Eitan @echer80111, I don't recommend merging multiple printers together. Many things can go wrong including damage to the printer.


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Question again : Is it possible to upgrade the heatbed and the firmware without changing the extruder (MK2) ? I've designed my own extruder.

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Hi Thomas, depends how does your design differs from the final MK2.5 Extruder. Firmware will be expecting new hotend fan with RPM measurement and new P.I.N.D.A. V2 probe.


Hi Jakub.

It's the MK2.5 upgrade but with modified extruder. I use some printed parts from MK2, some from MK2.5 and some modded parts, developed by me (other fan-shroud). The fans are all rpm-controlled with sense and the PINDA is V2.

It should work, but the position of the PINDA is a little bit different (old MK2 position).



Hi Thomas,

as long as you use the latest hardware, you should be fine. However I recommend printing all MK2.5 parts in case your design work, so you can assemble MK2.5 and redesign/reprint yours.


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Hey folks!

I wanted to give you a quick update about my recent experience on this topic. I opted to just do the MK2.5 heatbed replacement, and it worked perfectly! I've now got a printer that is mostly a MK2S MMU 1.0, still running on the MK2S MMU firmware, but with the MK2.5 heatbed installed. As @jakoob, Pavel, and others suggested, I made sure not to do the XYZ calibration after the installation. Just Z calibration and then Live Z adjustment. Now I have a MK2S with both flexplate and MMU functionality, and it's printing beautifully! Perhaps we can call it the "MK2.25" or the "MK2.5ish"

Here are some photos:


(In the pictures, you'll see that at the same time, I also did a modification that replaced the stepper drivers with TMC drivers, and now my X and Y movements are as quiet as an MK3! https://goo.gl/33Ehu3 )

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Very cool. Nice job.


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