ABS does not stick on the new bed!


I've just finished upgrading my i3 to MK2. The assembly went fine. with a few issues.

But now that I'm test printing, ABS does not stick to the bed no matter what I did.

I cleaned the surface, calibrated, used live tuning to -0.642mm, but nothing improves.

Please advise.

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Just wanted to add that I have read the bed preparation chapter in the handbook and followed the instructions, still cannot get the ABS to stick.


Did you check if the bed is really heated?? For ABS it should have 100C


Same deal with me and mine, everything passes, version 3.09 Firmware, bed test OK, have problems with PLA sticking, even glue doesn't help. can't quite get a perfect V2 Layer 1 print, when it turns to transition to the next line, it pulls the material.


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I also had a huge problem getting ABS to stick to the bed at all. I tried using the glue stick that Prusa sent with my printer. But I still couldn't get it to stick.

The solution I found was to use hairspray. But not just any hairspray. It has to be a plastic based hair spray. To be honest, I have no idea what chemical names on the label make it plastic based. I just know what I read in this article:


I tried a couple of different brands. But nothing worked until I got the Aqua Net Super Extra Hold as stated in the article.

I have found it at teh local Wal mart here in Texas. But I have also ordered some from Amazon at this link:


I also had to increase the temp of the bed to 110 degrees. 100 degrees just didn't seem to do it. I also increased the nozzle temp to 265: that is the top end of the recommended range printed on the box my ABS came in. I was able to get it to stick with a nozzle temp of 255. But I think 265 helped with the quality of the print.

To start, I sprayed copious amounts of Aqua Net to the bed, then let it heat up. I have also sprayed while the bed was hot. But I am a bit leary of that since hairspray is flammable. Also spraying the bed while hot causes the temp to drop significantly. Since it already takes the Prusa heat bed at least 10 minutes to get hot, I try to avoid that.

I also slowed the speed of my first layer down to 25% of the other layers. I think this helps too.

Now I am able to get the first layer to stick almost every time. The only issues I have now is with the print detaching from the bed a little after several layers. It doesn't always happen, just once in a while.

I hope this helps,


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Try to apply juicer. It could be removed by acetone after

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