Getting error when trying to print or do a Mesh Bed Leveling

Built my new I3 MK2 kit this week, and fought many issues on my own, the toughest of which was getting past XYZ calibration. Never was I prouder than when I got the Congratulations message on that one the first time, so much so I actually took a picture of it! The handbook and machine said next thing to do was adjust nozzle height, and to print the V2calibration Gcode. When trying this, or doing the Mesh Bed Leveling (which I think is the same check performed before every print) it never gets past sensor 3 and it will give a motor locking sound and give the failure message "Bed leveling failed. Sensor didn’t trigger. Debris on nozzle? Waiting for reset" I would suspect my print bed as it does not push as easily as the one Joseph Prusa moved on one of his videos, but if I had that wrong how would I have gotten past XYZ calibration, where it moved the bed all around? Almost every Google on this one said PINDA probe misalignment, and I have played and played with PINDA to the point my bed is now damaged from once when I had it below the nozzle accidentally and did not use the sheet of paper like the manual said. If it was PINDA I would also think it would not make it past XYZ, which it now has several times (one forum I found said that every time you mess with PINDA you should re-run XYZ, so I started doing that). I am about ready to tear out my hair.

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I found my answer, finally. This link contained the answer; my Y pulley was adjacent to my Y motor and needed to be a few mm away from the motor itself. Once I moved the pulley the bed then moved as easily as the ones I had seen in Josef's and other videos, and I passed a Mesh Bed Level. Doing another calibration and Mesh Bed level out of sheer paranoia, but I have no doubt this is it now. On to the last phase, setting the perfect first layer calibration. Hope that goes much smoother than this part did.

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Right now I am facing same issue. Let me try your suggestion.I hope it will work for me also


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Hi Craig,

thank you for sharing your solution, there must a gap between the motor and pulley on the shaft. It is written in the manual while assembling Y-axis, but I will also add a photo.

Good luck with V2 calibration, make sure it sticks properly to the heatbed. It is essential for successful prints ;)

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