Original Prusa i3 MK2S is a successor to Original Prusa i3 MK2 with small hardware tweaks for easier assembly and improved reliability.

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Damage during initial calibration. What to do next?


I recently received a new MK2S with FW 3.0.10 which I assembled. I watched videos, read the manual, and took great care over 3 days building this exactly as shown.

During XYZ calibration:

The nozzle did not touch the paper during the initial 4 points.

On "improving calibration point 7" the Y axis is rammed out of bounds into the front of the printer several times. On "improving calibration point 8" the nozzle pushed into the bed and dug a crater. I turned the printer off as soon as I could but there was damage done to the heat bed.

Calibration started with Z-axis at the very top stops.

The Y-axis frame is level and square.

The Z-axis is perpendicular and level.

The PINDA is adjusted according to the manual

Mesh bed leveling calibration works fine.

Standard Z-only calibration works fine.

Y-end stop is good per the self test.

I'm not able to move the Y-axis or Z-axis out of bounds manually using the settings menu. Y-axis does not bump or try to move out of bounds. Nozzle does not touch the heat bed.

This only happens during XYZ calibration and doesn't seem to be a mechanical issue.

Also I cannot download any software. Website times out. I was trying to download 3.0.9 to see if that helps but I'm not able to download anything from the site.

What should I do next?

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I have a similar problem. during XYZ calibration, the nozzle goes immediately too far, hits the bed (hard) and then tries to scratch the rest of the board. I've adjusted the PINDA probe down so much that it's almost exactly level with the nozzle and this still happens. I also have the 3.0.10 firmware. I saw in the change log notes that the 3.0.11 firmware has "improved XYZ calibration" - I'm going to give that a try tonight and see what happens.

It's too bad there's no self-test for the PINDA probe. I'm trying to understand if mine is wired correctly or damaged somehow because I think that would explain what I'm seeing.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


One thing is, according to the instruction in the download page, 3.0.11 seems work only on MK2 not MK2S.


I had the same problem upon XYZ calibration, and it followed the progression of the OP problem exactly. Recommendations?


I have the same problem with the XYZ calibration. (FW 3.0.10)


crater in heatbed

I will try it with FW 3.0.11


I just finish assembling my Prusa i3 MK2S, firmware 3.0.10. The XYZ calibration didn't cause any problem. I seriously feel sorry for you, I would had cry if that would had happen to me. I don't know what went wrong with yours. I will avoid doing the calibration until the source of the problem is found.


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Hi guys,

I'm very sorry for the issues you've encountered. Please go to http://www.prusa3d.com/drivers and download latest firmware (currently 3.0.11), flash it and let me know, if the problem persists.

Lowering P.I.N.D.A. probe is an option, but you shouldn't have it at the same level as nozzle. Nozzle has to be always lower, or there is a risk that the probe will hit the printed object during print and damage itself. That is why I recommend following the manual and later on only "Live adjust Z".

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Thank you for your feedback Jakub. I followed your advise and flashed my FW to 3.0.11. I printed the Z calibration gcode from the SD card and everything went fine. I didn't had to re-adjust my Z level. Then I did a real print, without any problem. I most say the problem didn't occurred since I lowered my PINDA. I'm pretty sure it was way too high. It's still about 1mm above the nozzle, I don't think it's too low.


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My main problem was that I used the body of my zip tie to gap my probe. I should have used the tip. I have also seen posts where the probe wasn't perfectly level. I would really like to see a gauge included that can set the correct gap and is also wide enough to make sure the probe is level.

I also had to bring my Z-axis forward a mm or two so the probe could find the rear sensors.

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I'm glad you fix your problem. Although, I find it strange because I did exactly the same to level my P.I.N.D.A. probe. I used the body of the ziptie, the part in the middle with "stripes", as shown in the assembly manual. Even if the probe was 0.5mm too high, I doubt it would had damage the bed that bad...


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A warning to all, whose nozzle has rammed into the bed. on my printer, the heatbreak has bent (So the nozzle was crooked), which has led to missprints and filament blockade.

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I am so frustrated! I tried even using the smallest part of the ziptie and it still keeps crashing into the bed. I know it's not supposed to be even with the nozzle so is there something wrong with my PINDA probe?

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Hi Monique,

please to following:

1) Check the probe is plugged in the RAMBo board (correct socket, connector all the way in)

2) Turn on the printer and go to -> Menu -> Calibration -> Show end stops

3) You will see X Y Z with zero values, take something metal and touch the probe from the bottom, it should change to "1"

If not there is something wrong with the probe. Contact our support with the results ;)


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