1. The kit includes:
    • The kit includes:

    • Needle-nose pliers (1x)

    • Philips screwdriver (1x)

    • Allen key (6x)

    • No soldering is required.

    • No wire crimping is required.

  2. All the boxes and bags including parts for the build are labelled.
    • All the boxes and bags including parts for the build are labelled.

    • Number (or numbers) in the header tells you for which chapter you'll need that bag (or box).

    • Most of the labels are scaled 1:1 and can be used to identify the part :-)

    • Every type of fastener is included in a separate special bag.

    • If you lose a screw when building, use one from this bag.

    • When you browse the guide on, you can view the original images in high resolution for clarity.

    • Just hover your cursor over the image and click the Magnifier button ("View original") in the top left corner.

    • Starting with Original Prusa i3 MK3 most of the printed parts are marked with their version.

    • In case you have issues while assembling the printer with the certain printed part, please try to find this label and tell it to our support team.

    • Lost in the instructions, missing screw or cracked printed part? Let us know!

    • You can contact us using following channels:

    • You can start by assembling Y-axis in the next chapter - 2. Y-axis assembly

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