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[title] Testing the X-axis belt (old design) [Traduction en cours]
[* black] Use the technique described below to test if the belt is properly stretched.
[* violet] Use pliers to hold the X-axis motor shaft.
[* blue] Move the X-carriage towards the X-axis motor. Don't use excessive force.
[* black] If the belt is stretched properly, you should feel a resistance and the X-carriage won't move at all. If the belt is too loose, it will deform (create a "wave") and jump over the teeth on the pulley.
[* icon_note] Belt too loose? Return to step 15 and repeat all steps until now. You have to rotate the motor and retighten the belt in the X-carriage. Shortening the belt length by moving two or three teeth outside X-carriage should be enough.

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