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Guide Image

Calibrate i3 Plus LCD/SD

This is the first step after you unpack your Prusa i3 Plus 3D printer

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Preparing the printbed

Simple guide how to prepare the heatbed for PLA, ABS and PET

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First print i3 Plus LCD/SD

How to do a first print with Prusa i3 Plus with LCD and SD card.

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Simple Slic3r tutorial

Most basic way to use Slic3r program for creating G-code.

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Síťový modul

V tomto návodu si ukážeme jak pracovat se síťovým modulem pro 3D tiskárnu...

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Update RAMBo mini firmware (OLD method)

Simple guide to install FW update on a printer with RAMBo mini.

Guide Image

1. Introduction

Some tips for making the assembly easier.

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5. Extruder

Extruder guide

Guide Image

3. X axis

X axis guide

Guide Image

4. Z axis

Z axis guide